Major Industries

Sulfur dioxide is used as a selective agent when fermentation begins.

The products for this industry are:

• Ammonium Bisulfite

• Potassium Metabisulfite

• Sodium Metabisulfite

• Ammonium Thiosulfate

Sodium Bisulfite and other chemicals are used for affluent treatment and water treatment. 

Metabisulfite is used for cyanide removal in mining industry affluent.

The products for this industry are:

• Sodium Metabisulfite

• Sulfur Dioxide

Our products are used as additives (preservatives) and antioxidants in the manufacturing of vegetable products and juices, etc.

The products for this industry are:

• Ammonium Bisulfite

• Sodium Bisulfite

• Potassium Metabisulfite

• Sodium Metabisulfite

• Sulfur Dioxide

Industrial Applications

- Chemical

- Wine-making

- Mining

- Detergents

- Vulcanized

- Explosives

- Pharmaceutical

- Metal extraction

- Paper
- Textile
- Tannery
- Tannins
- Acrylic fibers
- Water treatment
- Drilling
- Fume treatment

- Food

- Starch

- Natural Coloring

- Agriculture

- Metal work and foundry

- Petrochemical

- Glass

- Photography

The Chemical Industry 

The chemical industry is devoted to the extraction and processing of both natural and synthetic raw materials, as well as to turning them into substances whose characteristics differ from those they originally had in order to meet people's needs by improving their quality of life. Its main goal is to manufacture a good quality product at the lowest possible cost by causing the least possible damage to the environment. Raw materials correspond to various natural materials, which are extracted to produce consumer goods. These materials may be classified according to their origin: animal materials, plant materials and mineral materials.

There are two kinds of chemical industries:

Basic chemical industry: basic raw materials are used and intermediate products (which may serve as raw material for other industries) are produced.

Transformation chemical industries: they are oriented to people´s direct consumption, they use products manufactured by basic chemical industries. Fine chemistry comprises several specialized industries (pharmaceutical, fertilizers, pesticides, coloring agents, etc.)