Ventilated Sulphur Powder

Product name: Ventilated Sulphur Powder / Susting Sulfur.
Packaging: This product is sold as a yellow powder which has been specially produced to be dusted. Its typical sulfur content is over 94.5 g/100g and its organic matter tenor is lower than 0.05 g/100g.

It is packaged in labeled bags, each of which displays a production batch number and contains dosage information and health & safety warnings.

Each delivery includes the required Certificate of Analysis which serves as proof of conformance with quality standards. It is registered at Secretaría de Agricultura, Ganadería, Pesca y Alimentación (Argentine Agriculture, Livestock, Fishing and Food Agency) and has been approved by SENASA (Argentine Agriculture &Food Sanitation and Quality Agency) by certificate No. 34686.


Sulfur may be phytotoxic in slightly-changing, hot climates. Do not apply at temperatures over 25ß or in combination with oils.

Product Applications

Messina Dusting Sulfur is a finely ground product to be used as a preventive contact fungicide with a manual crop duster. It is effective against grape powdery mildew (Oidium Tuckeri) Perform the dusting first thing in the morning. Stop when the temperature exceeds 25 ß.