Product name: Sulfur.
Chemical name: Sulfur. Flammable rock, rhombic sulfur or alpha sulfur.
Chemical formula: S

Solid, crystalline, light yellow, small, slab-shaped.
Packaging: in bulk, 25-kg-bags (55.11lb) in pallet or in 700-kg bags (1543lb)
Product identification in the program: "Manufactured Products Control"
Code: S06042009


It is mainly used for producing its compounds, such as sulfur dioxide, sulfuric acid, sulfites and sulfates.

Rubber industry: it is used to manufacture vulcanized rubber.

Industry: It is used to manufacture black powder.

Agriculture: all specialties are used, e.g.: wettable, micronized, special additives, alkaline soil conditioners. It is generally used as a fungicide and for manufacturing phosphate fertilizers.

Photographic industry: it is used as a fixer, as it dissolves silver bromide and magnesium sulfate.

Medical industry: it is currently used to treat acne, seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea, scabies and pityriasis versicolor. This shows that sulfur has maintained its position in the treatment of pustular acne. It is not a comedolytic substance and its efficiency is generally attributed to the keratolysis it produces.