Sodium Bisulfite

Product name: Sodium Bisulfite.
Chemical name: Sodium Acid Sulfite.
Chemical formula: NaHSO3

Appearance: Transparent, pungent odor, light yellow to greenish liquid.
Packaging: in bulk or drums up to 270 kg (595lb) and containers up to 1.350 kg (2976lb). Optional: customized packaging.


Product: Sodium Bisulfite 26%

Product identification in the program: "Manufactured Products Control"

Code: BSS 06042009


Chemically, it is a sodium bisulfite solution with an average 26% concentration expressed as SO2.

Water treatment:
as oxygen scavenger

It controls corrosion by eliminating dissolute oxygen in water lines, such as secondary oil recovery

This solution can be catalyzed - if necessary - to speed up its scavenging properties.

It is less soluble than ammonium bisulfites, that is why, greater doses are necessary.

Paper industry:
Large amounts are used to obtain chemical paste and paper. 

food industry - Tannery