Sulfur Dioxide

Product name: Sulfurous Anhydride.
Chemical name: Sulfur Dioxide.
Chemical formula: SO2

Appearance: Transparent or slightly yellow liquefied gas.
Measuring equipments: 50 gr (1gr scale), 3, 5, 25 and 50 kg.
Packaging: 25, 50 and 100 kg returnable iron tubes, in bulk,
or in 0.40 to 20 Tn iron tanks (in commodatum).


Chemically: Sulfurous Acid, sulfites and bisulfites, intermediate dyes, sulfonation, additive organic compounds of SO2.

It is used as a selective solvent.

Paints and varnishes:
It is used for the polymerization of dry or crude oils.

Food industry:
It is used for the preservation of pulps and vegetable or fruit juices and also in wines, sulfited musts and the malt industry.

Cork industry:
It is used as a germicide.

Fishing industry:
It is used as a preservative and germicide.

Glass industry:
glasses, lamp lightbulbs, bottles and medicine bottles; it reduces breakages and eliminates sodium.

Rubbers and gelatins:
It is used in solubilizing processes and also as an acidulating and preservative agent.

Tanning industry:
It is used as a bichromate and lime reducing agent, and also as a bleacher in vegetable tannings.

Metallurgical insdustry:
It is used in precious metal refining, flotation metal treatment, metallic oxide chlorination and magnesium smelting.

Pulps and papers:
It is used in the stabilization of pulps’ chemical dying and in other applications.

Sugar mills:
It is used in sugar cane juice treatment and as a bleacher.

Other uses:
in liquor fading treatments, chlorine removal, water treatments, bed and filter cleaning, cosmetics, photographic and plastic composites, pH Mathienson control process, as a neutralizer, hexavalent chrome reducer, as a bleaching agent for paper, textiles, oils, etc. and many other applications.